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Our Town Brewery Visit

Full disclosure – and I said this to Jeff when we sat down a few weeks ago – Town Brewery is one of my favourite breweries (and places) to visit with friends for a drink or two. I will root for them, and support them (aka drink their beer) as long as they let me. It’s just that it’s so hard NOT to want to cheer for people like the group of folks who own and operate this space. I once saw someone comment on their Instagram post (where they were announcing a new beer release), saying something along the lines of “you could post a blank picture and have the caption read ‘new beer release’ and I’d be there that day to try it out”. So, I’m happy to report I’m not the only one who feels this way about Town.

The atmosphere within the brewery is pretty unique – it has this odd ability to feel appropriate within any setting. I’ve been here friends, having wayyy too many drinks and letting loose and I’ve even been on Valentine’s Day with a girlfriend… I mean, granted, we’re not together anymore, so take that with a grain of salt… but, still. You get my point. It’s amazing what you can do with a little candlelight and some fancy décor.

There’s plenty of reasons why Town Brewery has become this go-to spot within the area, but first, let’s talk beer. It seems like they’ve reaaally began to expand their index in terms of beer styles they’re playing on recently. With the release of their first Gose, a collaboration with Ale Mary Brewing (@alemarybrewing) which we’re going to highlight on the gram in a few days, as well as their first Pilsner, which will alsooo be on our gram in a few days, it seems like they’re branching out more and more as time progresses – which to me, is pretty exciting. The thing about the way they do it, though, is what sets them apart. If you look at their Pilsner, for example; it carries all the characteristics that you would expect to see from this style, with toasted cracker flavours and a relatively light body, making it refreshing and drinkable, but then there’s still a bit of hop flavour and aroma to it, which helps set it apart and make it a Town Beer. To me, that’s what Craft Beer is all about – mixing it up and making something memorable and uniquely your own, not just throwing out a new style for the sake of having it or saying you did it before, but actually putting your own spin on it. So, Kudos to them, and to Tim, their brewer.

On top of branching out and getting into new styles, it’s a good time to celebrate a beer they’ve had in rotation for a while now… SQUARE WHEELS! It’s headed to the LCBO! This will be their first entry into LCBO, so needless to say, they’re pretty excited. And you should be too if you’re a craft beer drinker! Square Wheels is a Haaaazy New England IPA, where juicy hop flavour and aroma jump in the driver seat and take you on a rollercoaster ride through flavourtown, while the bitterness is quieted a bit, creating loads of space for those fruity flavours to take centre stage. Beyond this beer itself, this seems like a big moment for Town and one that they should be superrr proud of.

So, Town’s been open for about a year and a half, but it feels like they’ve been around for ages. It seemed like almost immediately upon opening, Town was welcomed with open arms by the community, and immediately became involved in local events and programs, while also hosting a handful of their own. Currently, their in-house events are mixed between classic brewery staples, like Trivia on Tuesdays (Sorry for mentioning this, Jeff – I know it’s already insane as it is) and Live Music on Saturdays, while also adding their own uniqueness to events with things like the Weekly Run Club on Wednesdays. This is my personal favourite; what’s better than rewarding yourself with beer after a quick jaunt (that may be the first time I’ve ever used ‘jaunt’ in a sentence) by the waterfront with some friends? Some would argue skipping the run altogether and rewarding yourself with beer on its own…. Point taken. But if running is your thing, it’s a fun way to stay active while also mixing in some craft beer and relaxation.

One event that seems to stand out, is their Monthly Town Trivia. Town hosts a number of local shops and vendors on a Sunday afternoon, and it’s such a fun vibe on those days. From Wood Fire Pizzas, to Dog Treats, Records and of course, sweet original photos from Mikey with Brixton Creative, there’s a little something for everyone! It’s a cool way to help bring a community together by gathering for a couple drinks and offering up their space to these local vendors, while giving them an opportunity to promote their craft to the community.

That’s the number one thing that motivates me to spread the good word about Town. Their slogan, if you will, is “Better Beer. Stronger Community”, and Jeff says, ‘if it doesn’t help us make better beer, or help benefit the community in a positive way, then we don’t do it. Simple as that’ (I’m sure he said it waaaay more eloquently). Their events and their continued presence within the community all speak to that. Just take a peek for yourself, and you’ll see exactly what I’m talkin’ bouttttt.

I could go on for hours about all thing Town. And not to take anything away from anyone else, but I think breweries and companies alike should strive to take as active a role in the community as Town, and I think Whitby and Durham Region are lucky to have them. So, thanks guys and girls!

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Cheers! – T.

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