The Second Wedge Brewing Co.

Is it still called a rough draft if I never edit, revise, or re-write the original copy?  

I shoot from the hip here on these blogs, alright? Are there spelling mistakes? Yess*. Does it all flow well? No. Does it construct a story that would have you on the edge of your seat until the end of the blog where I reveal a riveting ending and entice you to come back for more? Also, no. Has this entire first part just been me asking myself questions and then answering them? Yes.  

The day we spent at The Second Wedge in Uxbridge was cool af. First of all, I picked up Chad and we got coffee and HE PAID, which is weird (he’s going to be pissed if he sees this, which he won’t). Then, we went for a drive up Lakeridge and got to the brewery around 10-10:30am. Uxbridge has this cool vibe. Small town, for sure. But it’s got all these one location restaurants and stores, which I think adds to the character of what a small town should be. The main intersection at Toronto & Brock, standing on the corner and looking at what’s around would give you the best idea of what I’m talking about. Or maybe Uxbridge residents will tell me I’m crazy, and that the surrounding trails and paths through all the landscape would be the best depiction of what it has to offer.  

For us, it’s The Second Wedge that’s brought us there. And they’ve become so entwined into the Uxbridge community, that I feel like going there is allowing me to get the full experience of what the town is all about. Joanne was super cool, and I felt like we could have chatted for hours. We talked about how her and her husband, Rob, got started into homebrewing, which led them to opening the brewery, anddd we chatted about their recent efforts toward keeping pups in breweries (Tucker is a big fan of these guys). Beyond that, Joanne told us about the Spring Tide Music Festival they’re putting on again this year, and we’re going to try and make that, so if you’re in the area, come on out and party with some tunes!  

In other news, we’re back on the road this week! Headed to the 2020 Great Ontario Craft Beer Competition in Niagara this Wednesday, February 19th, then we’re hitting three breweries in the following two days, homebrewing another beer, andddd dipping our toes in a new music project. So, keep your eyes peeled for that. Until next time!  

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Cheers – T.

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