Steel Wheel Brewery

I want to start this by saying I know nothing about steam engines … don’t worry, this will ALL make sense.

One of my best friends from high school was Diaz’s brother and we stayed with him while we were visiting our set of breweries in Hamilton and the surrounding area.  He works insane hours and so, as a result, we didn’t really see too much of him while we were there.  But in high school, he was a superrrrr nerd with cars and mechanics and small engines.  It was a huge bonus to get oil changes for free and if some minor issues came up on my ride while in college, he was always around to tell me what was wrong with it.  But me?  I have zero knowledge.  Like if I ever have a flat tire in the future, I’ll probably YouTube a How-To video on the side of the road before getting out and getting to work.  Thank God for YouTube.

While we were at Steel Wheel, all I could think was how much our friend (or brother, in Diaz’s case) would have loved the tour we got of their space.  They basically have this beautiful farmhouse which they’ve updated and converted to a brewery, backed by a pretty respectable sized hop farm.  Somewhere in between, they have this garage (probably bigger than my home), filled with different Steam Engines.  I’ve never been big into this type of stuff, as I just mentioned, but man – I was in awe!  These machines are so cool.  I felt like we transported back in time when Cindy was telling us about these bad boys.  It was really cool.  Now the name “Steel Wheel” might make a little more sense, as it’s rooted in their passion for Steam Engines.  So, if you’re into that sorta thing, I highly recommend you go and check out it.

Disclaimer:  I’m not sure if it’s just open to any regular Steel Wheel visitors. And I’m not trying to imply that we are VIPs or anything cause that’d be s’braggy… BUT we may have just been VIPs on that particular day.  One thing I do know, which Cindy told me, was that when they have their Harvest Party at the end of the summer, they open up the farm and pull out some Steam Engines, so you can definitely check them out then.

Beyond that, Steel Wheel seems like they’ve done it the right way.  They have a huge lot with tons of space, and their brewery has the perfect combination of original farmhouse feel with modern accents.  Cindy and Harold are very super friendly and made us feel very welcome when we visited!  It all made for a fun, memorable and unique experience with not only the brewery, but also the hop farm (despite it being post harvest when we visited).  Now we gotta get back there when their bines are in full force!

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Cheers – T.  

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