Sleeping Giant Brewing Co.

I am thrilled to release this episode with Sleeping Giant this week. When we stopped into the brewery, I remember leaving and both Chad and I feeling like we had just finished our best interview yet (Despite being hungover after a long night of karaoke at The Foundry with some friends).

First of all, SGBC is the one of the coolest locations we’ve been. It’s hard to put it into words, but it’s got this like bare bones rustic vibe, while still being cozy and comfortable. And their retail space is unlike any other. They have every type of merch you can think of, and they use their space to promote other local brands, like delicious Heartbeat Hot Sauce, which is a Thunder Bay staple.

But we arrived at Sleepy G, and knocked on the back door, greeted with a “who are you?” face, as we usually are. We introduced ourselves and said we were looking for Kevin Brewer (real name.. in-sane.. right? He was clearly meant for this line of work). I finally met Kevin after emailing back and forth for a few weeks prior and he welcomed us in, gave us a space to set up and introduced us to the owner, Kyle Mulligan, who was going to be sitting down with us and talking all things craft beer.

We poured up some flights – hey, by the way… who likes the flights on the episodes now, as opposed to a single beer? I’m a fan, because I feel like it allows the brewery to introduce themselves a little more thoroughly by showcasing multiple beer styles as opposed to just one andddddd of course, I get to taste more beers… So, what’s not to love? But, we poured up some flights and got started. Talking to Kyle was easy. He was an open book and I was especially interested in hearing him talk about supporting other local businesses not just because it’s a good thing to do, but because he’s known most of these people forever and of course you’re going to help prop up your long time friends and their ventures. I just felt like that was cool and to me it really spoke to the sense of community that’s so prevalent within Thunder Bay.

Overall, I had such a great experience while being at SGBC – from the people I met, to the beers we had, and of course, the atmosphere – it’s not secret why it’s is a stand out in The Bay. My only regret is that I didn’t get enough time to be there on a busy Saturday night where everyone was letting loose! Guess that means I gotta head back sometime soon.

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Cheers – T.

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