Radical Road Brewing Co.

Radical Road Brewing Co.

Our Radical Road Visit

When I think of Radical Road, I immediately think of its ambience and atmosphere in the brew pub.  If you’ve ever been, you’ll know what I’m talking about. It’s got this old school ‘Mobsters Carrying Tommy Guns’ vibe that I (somehow) really connect with…. To clarify, I’ve neve been a mobster carrying a tommy gun, or any gun, for that matter… and I don’t plan on it anytime soon. But it’s just cool, ok?

When I saw our interview with Andrew, it felt like such an exclusive meeting, with the dimmed lighting and the rugged – retro, industrial interior, and obviously Chad’s magic with his lights really helped the setting, as well.

We had a pretty good time while we were there, too. We talked Toronto sports for about half hour when we got sidetracked mid interview, and I learned that Andrew went to not one, but TWO big Blue Jays games in the past few years (think Jose’s Bat Flip & Donaldson’s Steal Home), and I was supremely jealous.

This may be a stretch, but the fact that we could talk about something other than craft beer for that amount of time kind of speaks to Radical Road and their personality. It’s not JUST craft beer; granted, they have plenty of that, which they brew in small batches at their place and they very much are a craft brewery, as they’re pumping out delicious offerings of different varieties on regular basis. BUT, they also offer a selection of spirits, wine and they have a food menu as well, which sets them apart and gives them a bit of a distinction when compared to most breweries.  It’s cool to see them mesh these worlds together too, teaming up with Malivoire Wines to create this nuanced, complex, layered Biere de Garde last year.

That beer was extra tasty – I remember bringing it to a party for my friend’s birthday last October and actually that night was memorable for a couple reasons. For one, I brought this beer, and poured a little sample for a few of us there and it was met with a great reception.  Shortly thereafter, a friend of a friend brought this incredibly delicious cheese dip to the party… that’s when things went downhill. I remember eating a bunch of it when it first got there, and then just being in the kitchen with my buddy, Alex, and we ate enough for like… a lot of people. A couple hours later when I was at a local bar, I told my friends I wasn’t feeling well and had to go home. I wasn’t drunk, I was confident in that, but I had had a few drinks, so I just tried to go to bed and sleep off whatever it was that was bugging me.

Flash forward to me waking up at 4am, hurling up cheese chunks off the side of my bed like a sicko.  It was horrible – I rushed to the bathroom, finished my sickness, and then came out to my dog trying to get in on this cheese dip action himself…

“Tucker, get outta there!”

So now, I gotta vacuum, scrub, do laundry, shower, all at 4am. Nightmare.

Look, I hate when people drink like 20 drinks and then wake up super hung over and are like “Oh man it must have been that Taco I ate”… Like, “oh ya, it had zero to do with you double fisting drinks for four hours straight.”

But, immediately after making that statement, I’m going to tell you that this for reaaaaaal had to be the cheese dip.

And in case you’re wondering… yes, I would eat that cheese dip again. Yes, I have eaten the cheese dip again. And yes, Katie, if you’re reading this, I would like the recipe.

So, anyway… my beer and cheese pairing was a disaster that night. But just remember: “Moderation is Key”, and you should be safe.

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Cheers! – T.

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