One Time Brew Co.

Visiting One Time Brew Co. while in Thunder Bay this summer was a unique experience. They’re still yet to open, so it was cool to get in there when we did and get to talk to Robert about their plans for opening and what to expect out of them in terms of the style of beer they’re looking to create.

And that seems to be what will set them apart in Thunder Bay’s thriving craft beer scene. They’re looking to do small batch, experimental offerings, where ingredients, flavours and styles are limitless, which is definitely something I can get on board with. When we were there, we tried their only beer at the time, which was their New England IPA, Gold Clouds, and it waaaaaas banging. It was big bodied and full of tropical flavour, combined with this smooth finish and next to no bitterness. In terms of being true to style, they crushed it. And it was delicious, so it’s a win-win from my perspective.

Based on that, I’m really looking forward to seeing what else they’re going to create and what’s on the horizon for them. They will definitely be a stand out for craft beer in Thunder Bay, as they’re clearly looking to be in a different lane than the current breweries in Dawson Trail and Sleeping Giant. Which is cool – I like how they’re branching out and being experimental in a place where that hasn’t been a big focus yet. I think craft beer drinkers in the area will be in for quite the treat with these new, experimental offerings dropping on a regular basis. It’s funny because living next door to a place like Toronto, there’s tons of spots that drop these new, unique offerings every week, so we’re kinda spoiled in that regard. I’m happy to see someone break out and try to create something like that in a new market.

Beyond that, I’m very much looking forward to their official opening… I’ll definitely be talking Chad into packing some One Time Brew Co. cans into his luggage next time he flies into Toronto from Thunder Bay!

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