Muddy York Brewing Co.

Our Muddy York Visit

We’re back! This episode was a lot of fun to complete. It was the first stop in our three day tour throughout Durham Region and the GTA, so we we’re excited to get into it. We got to Muddy York at around 10ish and they were brewing up some beer, so the brewery and taproom was coated with that familiar scent that everyone should wet their beak on at least once (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re truly missing out). 

We met with Jeff, Susan and the rest of the group there and started to set up. I was initially excited for the video because of Muddy York’s character within their space. If you’ve never been, it’s got this Gangs of New York, early 1900’s vibe to it (…or 1800’s ? I have no idea – my knowledge of history is mostly predicated by what Big Shiny Tunes album was out that year anddddd I’m confident they didn’t have those during the time I’m referring to). But it’s a cool hang out spot – with lots of wood finishes, old timey decor, mixed with steel and rustic features that make it a uniquely inviting space. 

But when we wrapped, I was even more excited for the video because Jeff was incredible to talk to. This guy has so much knowledge when it’s comes to brewing beer and creating something with quality. If you’re a home brewer you may already know, but he used to write a blog called Hoptomology, which is such a great resource for anyone looking to get into brewing, as well as people who have been brewing for years and are looking for some insight into new flavours or techniques. He hasn’t posted anything on the blog in a while, but it still gets a ton of hits every month, proving it to be a source of knowledge for avid craft beer enthusiasts. 

It seems that Jeff holds himself to a pretty high standard, as well. When we spoke, he mentioned that he has (and would) just scrap a batch of beer completely if it didn’t reach his level of quality upon completion. 

*Collective Gasp* 

Even if you think about the financial pressure behind that alone, it’s pretty clear that above all else, he is concerned about his product first, which I think should be appreciated. 

And you can truly see it within the beer they offer at Muddy York. Their Gaslight Helles Lager is a true standout in Ontario Craft, being a staple for them for years now, and a supporting cast of the Switchboard Session IPA and their Workin’ Hard NEIPA, amongst others, they have a solid (and extra delicious) lineup of offerings. 

Hope y’all can dig our little sit down with Jeff in this episode – I had tons of fun talking to him and hanging out, and I hope we get to do it again in the future (maybe when I’m looking for some homebrewing tips from an OG like himself).

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