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They’ve become a staple throughout Clarington, and their name has become somewhat synonymous throughout restaurants and bars within the area. If you’re a craft beer lover, you feel a sense of pride when you walk into a restaurant in your neighbourhood and see your local craft brewery on tap – and that’s becoming easier and easier with a place like Manantler. Maintaining their grass roots vibe, they’re keeping their product to places they feel share a sense of togetherness and who value local support amongst each other, refusing to sacrifice character and connection for increased exposure.

Where the real magic happens, or where you really see what Manantler is all about, is inside their brewery (it only makes sense). The building is over 90 years old, and it may be tough to find when you initially arrive, but just drive around back and look for the distinctive antlers on the door. If you’re unsure what door it is, just open it up and you’ll be greeted by huge dose of grains and hops, which might just be the best smell ever. The smell of that beautiful nectar, brewing up to be some form of that delicious craft beer we all know and love. 

When you walk down the stairs, you’ll find a brewery who’s name is so fitting for its atmosphere. When I think Manantler, I think flannel shirts, axes, work boots and beards. And if you told me two dudes who looked exactly like that designed this brewery before they moved up north to hunt and fish for a few years, I’d probably buy it. 

But don’t get the wrong idea, these burly dudes would have had to have an odd ability to capture a certain coziness and welcoming feel that certainly exists here. A rustic charm, if you will. 

Throughout the brewery, you’ll find local art across the walls (Chris Burns @champstiles) as Matt decided he’d like to use this space to support a local artist – which is why all the art is actually for sale, with 100% of the profits going to the them and only them. 

Through supporting local artists, hosting weekly events like trivia and euchre, and supplying a pretty intimate set up for live music, they’ve found themselves pretty ‘meshed’ within their community. 

Throughout the year, you can catch them at plenty of Craft Beer Festival’s in the region and, if you consider yourself a yogi, you may even see them at your local yoga studio! They’ve teamed up with Power Yoga Canada (Oshawa) two years in a row now, to deliver some Beer Yoga (On St. Patrick’s Day, no less – how fitting!). So get your flow on and have a couple drinks before heading out to be Irish for the evening! And don’t forget to get decked out in all green before you go! 

Between their in-house events and their reach throughout the community, it’s pretty hard to miss Manantler if you’re in the area.  

I could talk about Manantler and their offerings for days, but go check ‘em out for yourself! And before you head in for a drink, have a peek at their Instagram (@manantler) where they’re promoting new craft beer releases and weekly events! 

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