Little Beasts Brewing Co.

Little Beasts Brewing Co.

Our Little Beasts Visit

You ever walk into a place expecting to meet someone and then you’re like “Hey! We’re here!”…. and they give you a look like “whaaaaaat are you doing here??”

So, that’s exactly what happened when we showed up at Little Beasts! LOLL we totally caught Erin off guard a few weeks back when we stopped in to have a little sit down. They had some technical difficulties at the brewery a few days prior and Erin had been working up a storm ever since, which made our drop in kind of lost in the shuffle.

Thankfully, Erin is a real life Wonder Woman and managed to carve out some time for us when we showed up! We talked all things Little Beasts and we learned how Erin got started into brewing, how she met John Henley (the other half of Little Beasts) and sooo much more – including how Erin swore she’d never brew beer professionally when she first started. I think we should allll be thankful she changed her mind somewhere along the way, because this is a gem of a spot in south Whitby.

Since they opened, they’ve been pumping out new beer styles and they’ve been serving up QUALITY brews – I think it must come from the fact that both Erin and John are BJCP Beer Judges, and as a result, set the bar pretty high for themselves. In addition to delicious beers, they seem to always have something happening at the brewery. Whether its food pop ups, beer and cheese events, or even Beer Yoga, there always seems to be something going on.

One of my favourite parts of any brewery, beside the beer they produce, is the identity. I think you can have so much fun with that and find ways to stand out, and nobody’s done that better than Little Beasts, in my opinion. We talked about it during our sit down with Erin, but her super talented husband has been putting his stamp on the brewery with their labeling, and now their weekly cartoon or drawing which you can find online. I love how each label is uniquely it’s own, while still being in the ‘Little Beasts’ family.

This was a fun one! Erin is super friendly and welcoming and Little Beasts is such a cool spot. Head on in to the brewery and say hi! There’s a pretty good chance she’ll be there brewing up deliciousness or serving it behind the bar!

For more information on Little Beasts, visit their site here:

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Cheers! – T.

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