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“Old Man” Pale Ale (5.5%)

This one may be a liiiittle difficult to re-create, given that it’s a 13USG/50L batch, and a lot of homebrewers operate on a 5USG or 10USG system.  But don’t worry, this link HERE from Brewer’s Friend will help you scale from the 13USG batch, down to whatever it is you’re working on.  It’s exactly what I use when I see a batch I want to re-create on my smaller system.  Also, while you’re there, Brewer’s Friend has a ton of great info related to homebrewing, and it’s a site I find myself on very frequently, so maybe bookmark that one for future reference.  

This is officially Mike Aylward’s recipe from the DC CCBI.  In the future, we are going to have a much more in depth description of how to brew each beer we make, but this one, unfortunately, has some limited information, but we have the bare bones of it, so you can find that below!

Grain (Mash @ 150degF/60degC for 60 minutes)

    • 26.5lb/12kg – Pale Malt (2 Row)
    • 1.11lb/500g – Wheat Malt
    • 1.11lb/500g Bru Malt

Sparge – 168degF/76degC (Unfortunately, we do not have the total volume post sparge)

Boil (60 minutes)

    • 0.7oz/20g – Magnum (60 minutes)
    • 1.8oz/50g – Cascade (0 minutes)
    • 3.2oz/90g – Cascade (Dry Hop Addition – 4 Days into Fermentation)

Yeast/Fermentation Schedule

    • 2 Packages – Escarpment Labs Northwest Ale
    • Primary – 5 Days – 68degF/20degC
    • Secondary – 4 Days – 50degF/10degC
    • Cold Crash – 14 Days – 37degF/3degC


    • Pre-Boil – 1.046
    • Post-Boil – 1.050
    • Final – 1.008
    • ABV – 5.5%