Grain & Grit Beer Co.

Hi Friends!  I had been soooo pumped about the potentially visiting Grain & Grit, prior to reaching out and seeing if they would have us.  Their space is filled with white and bright colours, combined with some greenery – it’s truly perfect for all y’all ‘grammers out there looking for that perfect photo.  I love the ambience and I’m a sucker for a well curated space and Grain & Grit knocks it out of the park in that department.  I think what’s interesting is that they seem to have every aspect of their space designed to fit the character of the brewery.  Even the exterior of the building is visually appealing.  They really seem to pay attention to the deets!

Which brings us to their beer!  First of all – the designs for each of their offerings is so cool.  The ‘Thrillsner’ may just be my favourite logo of all time and next time I’m at Grain & Grit, I’m most definitely picking myself up a T-Shirt.  I was immediately filled with regret when I left without grabbing one last time.  In terms of the design of the cans, I know some people are just ‘meh’ on the whole thing, but I looooove seeing what different breweries come up with and how they express themselves creatively in that regard.  And my favourite style, is when a brewery has a distinct ‘brand’ and then makes each can unique in some way, shape or form.  Grain & Grit does this SO well – and I really nerd out hard on this stuff.  I know most people are probably reading this like ‘wow, we don’t care’ lol but I love it.  I love how when you see a Grain & Grit can, you know it’s theirs, because it’s their style, but yet each can is uniquely it’s own.  Another brewery that does this very well, is one of my favourites, Town Brewery.  What puts Grain & Grit on that next level is these awesome logos they have that play into the character of each beer.  Big Fan.

But what was I saying?  Oh right – details!  Joe and Alex are killlllin’ it.  Lots of different styles, lots of different flavours.  But yet, they’re not sacrificing quality over there at Grain & Grit.  In The Palms is top notch.  As is Zigge Zagge.  I also tried their Lemon Squeezy and Just Peachy after we filmed, and I am real pumped to share those this week, because they were wildly delicious.  It always amazes me when breweries can touch on so many different styles while still serving each style well.  I think it’s in the details – and that seems to be where Grain & Grit shines.

Also, this day was so much fun for Diaz and I.  After Grain & Grit, we stopped into Donut Monster (But I just had one donut, unfortunately) and then hit up HMBRGR (I think that’s how it’s spelt), which was just down the street and I crushedddd a burger and fries.  Basically, we just ate a bunch of delicious food – which in my books means… So Much Fun. Hamilton is a damn cool place, y’all.  SO many different breweries, and a ton of cool spots to eat and hang out and be merry (Tis the season).  We gotta get back out there again and soon and experience more of what they have to offer.

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