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Caw-Caw, Caw-Caw! Ok – that’s not a Falcon Brewing Company thing – I understand that. That’s more of a Nick thing (which he stole from Horrible Bosses).  We went to Falcon a couple months back and talked to Kent Williamson, who had a wealth of knowledge related to Falcon that he shared with us while we were there.

This September, on the 12th to be exact, is the Ontario Brewing Awards in Toronto, which is pretty going to be such a fun event, showcasing all that Ontario has to offer in regards to craft beer and really just celebrating the creativity and skills and knowledge of each brewery and brewer in our Province. A little fun fact is that the President of Falcon, Jim Williamson, is also the creator of the Ontario Brewing Awards. Having someone with experience like this in the craft beer game, and their inherent dedication to quality, seems like it would really be an asset to any brewery on the rise.

Falcon took an interesting path to get to where they are now. I wouldn’t call it unconventional, as we’ve seen it with other prominent breweries throughout Ontario, but just different. Initially, their beer was brewed out of Wellington Brewing Company in Guelph, and without a taproom, they relied on licensees to sell their product throughout the craft beer market. As a result, you can find their beer at a ton of different places and I think its kind of cool to see the effect that their initial start had on the landscape of where they’re at now, being so widely available at various establishments throughout the province.

When you arrive at Falcon, it’s a really cool vibe. The glass walls surrounding the brewing area limit the noise that the space would generally provide, but still let you feel like you’re immersed within that atmosphere, so it creates a pretty fun environment that’s visually appealing for customers. Also, they have an excellent patio, which I JUST enjoyed a few weeks ago, as a friend and I grabbed a couple drinks after we stopped for some doughnuts across the street (The Baking At It’s Best / Crave Doughnuts Tag Team is legendary – and being right next door to Falcon, I’ve learned that a sweet treat can pair well with a few different beer styles).

Falcon seems like a cornerstone within the Ajax community, as their offerings can be found at a number of local restaurants, including the superrrrr delicious Chuuk (I missed some accents above the u’s I think… but whatevaaa), which is just around the corner. On top of that, they’re always hosting some local music acts, and have a variety of regular events within their space, including pop-ups for the aforementioned Crave Doughnuts, proving my sweet treat pairing to be a not-so-bad idea after all. Great minds think alike, it seems. But then again, average minds think alike too, right? (Wild Positivity is obviously not my forte)

This brewery boasts a wide range of craft beer selections, and everytime you walk in, you’re guaranteed to be greeted by a friendly face behind the bar. What more could you ask for as a craft beer fan? Falcon is a solid compliment to Durham Region’s thriving craft beer scene.

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