Eastbound Brewing Co.

Eastbound is sneaaaaky good. For me, it’s one of those places that I don’t immediately think of when someone asks me about my favourite brewery to visit in Toronto’s East Side. And then I walk in and sit down, and I’m like “oh yeah – this place is awesome”. They always have a wide variety of constantly rotating beers, with an incredible food menu and the atmosphere within the brewery is an absolute highlight for me, with these warm, welcoming vibes it offers.

Speaking with Dave and Tara was such a fun experience, given that we had both the Head Brewer and Head Chef at one table – for me, that was super cool. When I first found out that I’d be talking to them, I wondered how I’d navigate the conversation, as I didn’t want one party to feel isolated when we talked about food, while the other felt isolated while we talked about beer, so it was awesome to hear both Dave and Tara invested in each other’s area of expertise, as I felt like they both contributed to each part of the conversation. It really showed me that they both work together to ensure their food and beer, while separate parts of the brewery, compliment one another to provide for a uniquely ‘Easbound’ experience while you’re there.

Plus, they’re just cool people (And Chad says since Tara is from Thunder Bay, she’s automatically cool in his books), and I just really enjoyed sitting down with them, and tasting some delicious Eastbound beers.

Currently, they have about 10 (maybe 11..?) beers on their tap list, plus a couple more in the fridge, and out of those, I think there’s at least seven different beer styles. It’s pretty obvious that Dave enjoys experimenting with new flavours while brewing beer, and he can seemingly do that without sacrificing quality. I was thoroughly impressed with the offerings we had at the brewery, and I took home a Gose (in a Crowler, which my friends had to help me with), and it was a fan favourite amongst them.

This place is a standout in Toronto’s East Side, and the fact that there’s so many neighbouring breweries in the area, makes it a perfect destination if you’re looking to hop around (pun intended) and check out a few places in one evening.

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