Dawson Trail Craft Brewery

The day we stopped into Dawson Trail was a particularly fun one. We woke up after a night of board games, and talks about a movie idea that Chad’s been brainstorming for a while. I won’t give away any spoilers, but I would be psyched if he decided to go ahead with it and make it happen. For what it’s worth, I think we came up with some pretty good material while we were hanging on that Tuesday evening after he proved once again that he takes his board games preeeetty seriously.

In the morning, we grabbed some coffee at St. Paul’s Roastery (which was a highlight of my trip) and headed over to Dawson Trail for our interview. The guys were great. They were very welcoming, laid back, down to earth and I really enjoyed talking to them about their space and their beer. I like how they showcase their Bae’s Haze with different flavouring like Peach and Mango to mix it up, and give a fresh take on a classic style or mainstay. I think that type of variation allows a brewery to deliver a drink that their customers know and love, while also still having some creativity surrounding their brewing.

After we finished up at Dawson Trail, we headed over to The Persian Man, which I had heard so much about prior to visiting Thunder Bay. I crushed about four of their pastries and the only regret I had came when I weighed myself after getting back home to Oshawa a few days later. Whattyaaa Gunna Do? Ya boiii’s got a love for all things baked goods. With a serious desire to walk off those pastries, we headed out to Kakabeka Falls in the afternoon. Chad actually gave me a photo of these falls about a year ago and now it hangs proudly in my home. Since I got it, I have wanted to see the falls in person, so this was a pretty cool day trip for me. We enjoyed a couple Dawson Trail beers, checked out the falls, then headed back to town.

Now thinking about it – this day was filled with activities. We went to Prime Gelato (which I insisted we hit up again at some point … and we did), checked out some music at the Waterfront, then had a few drinks at the Foundry, which turned into a few more drinks at the Foundry, which turned into my mediocre performance of ‘Hey, Hey What Can I Do’ at karaoke. This was my FIRST solo karaoke performance ever, by the way. Mixed reviews. But the night was clearly highlight by Diaz being Diaz, as he got on stage and performed ‘Forgot about Dre’, which was cemented by a mic drop for the ages, that could easily have been interpreted as him essentially throwing the mic over his shoulder as he casually walked off the stage. Classic, Diaz.

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