Counterpoint Brewing Co.

We’re back!  Strange times here in this world.  But, I’ve been doing a lot of catch up on Podcasts these past couple weeks and we’re super excited to release this episode with Counterpoint.  So, we hope ya dig it!

But let’s go back to our time in Kitchener/Waterloo, shall we?  This was a busy day.  First, we met up with Scott at Wave Maker, which was great and went really smoothly.  Talking to him was super easy and it felt like we were long-time friends when we chatted at the brewery that day.  So, by the time we got to Counterpoint, we were feeling good and looking forward to mixing it up with Graeme. 

I met Graeme briefly at the All Sauced Crafty Dinner in January (which you can find here:, and after doing a little research on Counterpoint afterward, I was pretty excited to be able to sit down with him and talk about what they have going on.  It seems like the tag team of Rich and Graeme is a perfect example of the art and science balance that seems to be very prevalent within craft beer and brewing, and as a result, they’ve managed to create a pretty unique spot there in Kitchener.     

In terms of the beer they offer, they are getting extra creative and seem to be very invested in creating new, unique flavours and experimenting with new ingredients on a regular basis.  I’m confident that all of the beer we had during this episode, and now gone and replaced by a whole new tap list.  These offerings don’t tend to stick around for too long.  And while I can totally understand some people’s interest in tasting something they know and love, for me, I really enjoy branching out and trying something new, or trying a new variation of a style I enjoy, so their theme is right up my alley.  If you check out the episode, you’ll see that they’re operating on a pretty low-key brewing system, with multiple fermenters, which caters to small batch offerings.  So, unless they suddenly revamp their whole brewing system, you can likely expect new, delicious, unique offerings on a regular basis from these guys for the foreseeable future. 

But afterrrrrr we left Counterpoint, we decided to enjoy ourselves a little bit.  We stayed at Diaz’s brother’s, who lives in Brantford and decided to stop on the way and pick up all the goods to have a spiiiiicy little Mexicanoooo evening. 

To clarify… I’m referring to Tacos.  We were going to make Tacos. 

And it’s become a bit of a ritual to watch endless episodes of everybody’s favourite hit teen show in the 2000’s, The OC.  So naturally, we had to watch Ryan and Seth bro down while topping our eats with avocados and salsa. 

I always enjoy our little trips though.  This was, in particular, seemed like a lot of fun.  We basically had a two-week run together, where we visited breweries, home brewed some beer, had a couple meetings andddd even got to complete the first video for a NEW little project we’re involved with.  So, stay tuned for that!  But in the meantime, watch this episode from Counterpoint.  And if it’s safe to do so, head in there to check them out!

To learn more about Counterpoint Brewing Co., visit their site here:

To see our full episode with Counterpoint Brewing Co., click here.

Stay safe, friends! – T.

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