Concession Road Brewing Co.

I realized something the other day when I was thinking about writing up this blog for Concession Road. And what I realized is I am not good at writing. I think I have one of the most basic grasps on the English language that you can have in order to make conversations. English was my least favourite subject in high school, and then in college I took Chemical Engineering Technology, where everyone else was like “hey, we suck at English, also – let’s just do math instead” sooo I just never had to do it again, which was great. But now, I somewhat envy those people who seem like wordsmiths when they talk and write, and have different descriptive words for things. Like for me, most things are ‘awesome’ or ‘cool’… is that because I’m at a loss for another word to describe the emotions I’m feeling? Yesssss. Does it upset me that I can’t express myself in ways other than how a teenage kid would? Also, Yessssss. But yet, here we are. I’m writing, you’re reading. So I must be doing something right. Awesome.

When we stopped into Concession Road, it was at the end of our 4-day adventure up to the Hamilton and Brantford area. We spent our time at Chad’s brother, Tyler’s house, where we watched The OC, ate delicious food, drank a lotttt of beer and talked conspiracy theories. The day that we went to Concession Road, it was   rainy and gross outside – actually it was Halloween – and we were not digging the drive. But, gotta be honest, it was well worth it! We originally met Jeff and Shannon Bunton, who are the co-owners of Concession Road, at the Ontario Brewing Awards earlier this year. We ran into them amongst the chaos of the event, and we did a quick impromptu interview with Jeff, who is such a friendly guy and someone who just radiates positive, welcoming vibes. They said if we’re ever in the area, we should come out and hang with them to do an episode on Concession Road, and shortly thereafter, we decided to go check out the Hamilton area, so it worked perfectly!

When we showed up, the first thing we noticed is how awesome (there it is, again) their location is – being in an old Fire Hall, they have such a perfect set up with the tap room and brewing area, it seems like it was made for a brewery…..except it wasn’t… it was made for a Fire Hall, but wuuuuutevaaaaaa. The tap room is very intimate and open and after talking to Jeff and Shannon, it’s so fitting for what they’re trying to create with their brewery. They really value their community and they are proud to be the first Craft Brewery in Haldimand County, so it only makes sense that the tap room is inviting and welcoming, encouraging guests to interact. The coolest feature of the brewery, in my opinion, is the guitar hanging up on the wall. Jeff tells me that anyone can play, but if they do, they have to play for everyone. Music gets turned off and they take the stage. *Cue Nervous Energy and Sweats* But I love it. Such a great idea.

I’m also digging how they’re venturing into different casks. When we were there, they had just run out of their PB&J Porter, which was their first one, and now they’re developing new recipes all the time. That’s a really unique path to take as casks are such a different variety of offering, so it’s fun to see them take the approach and constantly be branching out to try different styles in that lane.

Anyway, I had tons of fun talking to both Jeff and Shannon while we stopped in at their place. And I know Jarvis is a bit of a hike from Oshawa, but I’m confident we’ll hang again soon, cause it’s definitely worth the trip! Hope you enjoy watching the episode as much as we enjoyed making it!

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Cheers – T.

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