Chronicle Brewing Co.

Chronicle Brewing Co.

Our Chronicle Visit

At the time of writing this, I haven’t seen our final edit of the Chronicle Episode, which means I don’t really know how much y’all know. So, I’ll just give you the run down. This episode is actually the SECOND time we visited Chronicle, filmed an interview, hung out with the guys and played video games (where I beat Chad handily, I might add).

Why, you ask? Do we really like Chronicle? Is Jon just really cool to talk to? ….Well, yes. But truthfully, we fudged up the audio file after our first visit and decided to go back and do it right so everyone could actually hear what we were saying during the interview. After all, Jon IS really cool to talk to and had a lot to share about Chronicle and how unique they are.

When I first met Jon and the rest of the crew, (and I think I can speak for Chad as well on this), I immediately felt like we gained some new friends. They welcomed us in and offered us a drink, as we hung out and started to set up our gear. Chad bonded with everyone over mutual love for all things videography, and we knew we were in for a fun day.

I really enjoyed hanging with Jon (during both interviews) and I feel like he really embodies what Chronicle is all about. As a self proclaimed nerd, he’s also very personable, welcoming and knowledgeable. For me, being able to sit down with Jon again was a silver lining for our initial mix up. He told us what exactly Chronicle means to them, about their passion for constantly branching out and experimenting with new beer styles and flavours, their commitment to natural ingredients, and of course, we had to talk video games.

Gaming was such a big part of my childhood – I remember classic all nighters with friends, playing video games and falling asleep in front of the TV. I also remember my brother buying a PS1, never letting me play it, and locking his door when he left the house, forcing me to climb in through the window to get a few games in before he got home… I got caught almost every single time.

Chronicle Beers bring me back to those times with all these nostalgic references they’re constantly dishing out. For example, Super Hash Bros. (a Hop Hash Dark Sour) was delicious as hell, but I’d by lying if I said I didn’t insist on trying it because it reminded me of my buddies in college destroying me in that game every time we had a couple hour break between classes. (P.S. Go to Chronicle and tell them how much you loved that beer so they can bring it back. Pleaaaaaase!)

Fortunately though, for anyone who was in the same boat as me with my ‘climbing through the window to play video games’ childhood, you can get some reps in over a beer at Chronicle. They just got this new Nintendo Switch (where I was sure to beat Chad in Super Smash Bros. while we were there), and some movie theatre seating to hang in style. On top of that, there’s board games and they have plans to open up their production and seating space to make the taproom and brewery wayyy bigger. HUGE BONUS!

I’m excited to see what the next few years brings about for this relatively new brewery with these additions! One thing is for sure; no matter what renovations they make, you can always count on a unique tap list, with a wide variety of tasty offerings.

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Cheers! – T.

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