Black Lab Brewing

Black Lab Brewing

Our Black Lab Brewing Visit

It’s hard to believe that Black Lab Brewing’s been open for less than a year. With their spot being such a welcome addition to Leslieville, they’ve settled in quite nicely.

What a sweet theme though, right? Who doesn’t love pups?! (Seriously, if you don’t, I’m confident we will not be friends) The first thing I do when I see a place that looks cool, is Google whether or not they’re dog friendly. The main reason why I opt to stay in or go to a friend’s place as opposed to going out nowadays? Cause my black lab/border collie sidekick, Tucker, will be left all by his lonesome if I go out!

Picture this: A super cool bar; classy, yet casual décor, delicious beer, good people and a great atmosphere. Sounds like a decent place to spend your afternoon or evening, right?… Okayyyy, so now you’re allowed to bring your dog with you… instantly 100x cooler.

I know this place isn’t the first one to do it. Of course you can take your pup to plenty of spots throughout the GTA. But, Black Lab Brewing is a bit of a different beast, if ya askkkkk me; and for plenty of reasons.

Let’s start with their atmosphere. It’s unique, in a ‘we’re a brewery, but we’re also active and encourage physically activity’ kinda way. Beyond being a place you can bring your furry little friend, their personality seems encourage a healthy lifestyle, which is a unique feature for anyone slingin’ sweet nectar like craft beer. In addition to hosting events like Yoga and the Lululemon Ghost Race, they also serve Kombucha, which is (a) dangerously tasty and (b) allows you to join in on some fun with your friends, even when you don’t feel like drinking that day for whatever reason. I’m unsure if that second part has anything to do with why they added it to their tap list, but I find the option to be a welcomed addition for that reason anyway. It seems like the perfect spot to hit a little afternoon bike ride or run, and then stop in for a drink or two after you’re done. I stopped in just a couple weekends ago after rock climbing, and I’ll tell ya – there are few things more rewarding than a delicious drink after a day full of physical activity. When we got there, there were plenty of beers to drink and plenty of pups looking for belly rubs – what more could you ask for in an afternoon?

I tried the Brett Barrel Aged Grisette and the Raspberry Kennel Sour, both of which were delicious and refreshing (more of that this week on our Instagram). But there was plenty to choose from with 10 beers on tap (and a kombucha)! We talked a bit about this in our sit-down with their head brewer, Connor, but given that Black Lab is such a young brewery, we should expect some new styles from them in the future. Since I had been in there last, they had three new offerings with their Hoppenweisse, Hefeweizen and Kolsch Inspired Ale all being unfamiliar to me. I’m excited to wet my beak on those this week and see what they’re all about, but whenever a brewery dips their toes in some new water, I’m excited to see how it tastes… wow. ugh. What a bad time to use a saying like that. Imagine? Just a dude waiting for people to dip their toes in waters, so I can taste said water like a sicko? I am truly disgusted with myself.

But despite my horrible attempt with the use of an otherwise cool saying, I am pretty excited to see what Black Lab serves up over 2019. I know I’ll be there at least once or twice and I’ll certainly have my main man Tuck with me.

For more information on Black Lab Brewing, visit their site here:

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Cheers! – T.

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