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New Brewing Series

Durham College Centre for Craft Brewing & Innovation

Join us as we visit the Durham College Centre for Craft Brewing & Innovation in Whitby, Ontario, as we brew up a Pale Ale with local ingredients, with their head brewer Mike Aylward.

Our Story

We are craft beer enthusiasts who hop around Southern Ontario, tasting new creations and touring different breweries, while documenting our stops along the way to share with fellow beer lovers – just like yourself.  

As we began to make our way through the ever-growing craft beer community, we discovered not only tasty drinks (and a couple mean hangovers), but fellow craft beer lovers, passionate brewers, and an array of independent breweries, all eager to create something memorable, new and uniquely their own. 

We believe these breweries and their roots contain stories that need to be told.  From hop to glass.  So, we thought, who better to tell that story than the people creating and brewing that beer?

Join us as we feature local favourites and hidden gems throughout the craft beer community.

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